Banati Foundation, officially known as “Abnaa ElGhad” Foundation, is an Egyptian local organization with registration number 615/2012. Established in 2010, Banati has been consistently working on the protection of children at risk, children in streets situations, and children deprived from family care. Those marginalized children experience a hard daily life on the streets. Being abandoned by their caretakers and, in many cases, exposed to emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, Banati provides children in street situations with various types of support and protection.

Our mission

Banati is an Egyptian Foundation seeking to be a center of excellence in rehabilitation and research serving girls who are on the street or girls who are at risk of being in street situations by developing a unique social and psychological rehabilitation program and providing education, safety and equal opportunity through advocacy, capacity building and the development of guidelines.

Our vision

Providing a second chance to children at risk and empowering them to overcome their dismal psychosocial conditions to become effective citizens. This is done through a comprehensive rehabilitation program at Banati Foundation, revised regularly to be on par with international care standards to render the foundation a center of excellence emulated by those working in the field in Egypt and the Middle East.

banati's values

Our strategy

Have a look at our 2018-2023 strategy to find out how we are translating our vision and mission into action.  

  1. To provide the optimum protection for Banati’s children. That is achieved through applying international quality standards to assure quality services in early detection, protection and, rehabilitation.
  2. To sustain the organization financially and operationally. For the financial sustainability, it is done through diversifying the donor base of the foundation, engaging in income-generating projects and/or activities, working on fundraising campaigns, among other methods. As for the organizational sustainability, it is achieved through the implementation of a fair and sustainable employment policy and employees’ capacity building.
  3. To raise awareness about the issue of children at risk. Through the enhancement of its community outreach and its engagement in raising awareness about this issue in the community, Banati works on eliminating the stigma  related to being a girl at risk, and works towards providing the required protection to this marginalized group.
  4. To establish a Resource Center. By doing so, Banati will be able to publish manuals and guidelines on the approaches and methodologies adopted by the Foundation and disseminate them to other entities working in this field and to interested stakeholders. The center would also allow researchers to have access to data and statistics to publish reports and studies on the issue of children at risk.