With around 150 full-time and part-time employees at Banati, the Foundation is able to sustain its performance and positively impact the community. For ad hoc projects, Banati depends on freelancers and consultants, in addition to volunteers. Employees receive constant trainings to raise their performance capacity and to guarantee they are working upon standards.

Dr. Hanna Abulghar


Dr. Iman Fathy Iskander

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Adly Wagih Toma


Ms. Rehan El Bashary

Secretary to the Board

Ms. Yosria Nassif Loza


Ms. Sahar El Sallab


Ms. Mona Fayek


Mr. Youssef Shokry


Dr. Samy Yacoub

Honorary Member

Nadine Khalife

Deputy Executive Director

Hend Samy

Executive Director

I have been working at Banati ever since it was established, and it feels like a family. 

Abdel Samea

Deputy Executive Director and Imbaba Shelter Manager

I have been working at Banati ever since it was established. Banati is like a home for all of us, a home built on love, and it has a huge impcat on the positive change that happens to all of us.

Ramy Gerges

Financial Manager

Banati makes me feel that I'm a part of its beautiful story that started and never ended. 

Dina El-Maghraby

Senior Workshops Employment Officer

Give to your work more than you get from it. Responsibility is part of the success, one's job might end someday, but the impact he/she leaves on others never ends. Working at Banati Foundation is such a responsibility.

Sahar Waheed

Case Management Manager

I have been working at Banati for 5 years. Many challenges I faced while working with the children turned into positive outcomes. I always feel that I am an integral part of Banati and I am confident in our children's capabilities which always dazzle me and give me a loving, giving, and full of hope energy.

Engy Fawzy

Education Department Manager

I have been working at Banati for 5 years and I feel very happy when I see the children improving academically and behaviorally

Sherine Darweesh

Nursery Manager

The joy of working at Banati comes from seeing ourselves achieve something that has a purpose.

Mariam El Razaz

Mental Health Department Manager

I loved Banati's initiative before I even started working here. The resilience of the girls and the dedication of the staff, always inspire me to do my best. 

Dr. Nardine Nakhla

Physical Health Responsible

I used to come to Banati three years ago for my medical thesis. I loved the girls so much since then and I kept coming to Banati even after I was done with my thesis, just to see them, hear their dreams, or sometimes their complaints, to have a small breakfast or Iftar with them. I always wanted to help. And so, I came to Banati to help in the medical stuff, to make a full routine for physical check-ups, to organize their doctors’ appointments and to educate them about their physical health. I hope to continue to help Banati as far as I am here or even when I leave. I really cannot imagine myself without the girls of Banati.

Lolwa Reda

Projects Manager

Children live up to how we see them and what we believe in them. At Banati, we believe each child has the potential to reach up and grab a star, and that's the goal towards which we are constantly working.

Magdy Moneir

HR Responsible