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Banati x Songraffiti
Vodafone Run For Banati Foundation
Vodafone Run For Banati Foundation
Vodafone Run For Banati Foundation
Vodafone Run For Banati Foundation
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Banati Foundation
CASAR students Academic Trip to Banati Foundation (NGO for homeless girls)

Yasmeen El-Ghazaly, Adjunct Professor escorted undergraduate class taking a course under the Prince Alwaleed Center for American Studies & Research (CASAR) at the School of GAPP to the Banati Foundation - a shelter and rehabilitation facility for mainly girls with no homes. This entire facility is fully established through the enormous generous efforts of a large family under the leadership of Hanna Abulghar as the Chairperson and Founder of Banati.

Banati Foundation
Using marketing to empower girls at risk and diminish the stigma associated with homelessness

Banati Foundation was built upon the ambition of uncovering new found hope for children at risk in Egypt. In the Arabic language, “Banati” means “mydaughters". Since 2009,Banati has pioneered theways in which the foundation as a non-profit organization (NPO) has provided young homeless girls with effective physical and psychological rehabilitation,as well as an educational curriculum and vocational training.

Banati Foundation
Empowering Homeless Girls

Witnessing the press­ing need of an organization to protect the girls of the streets, a group of people from different backgrounds came together, sharing one passion: improving the living standards of children, especially girls who lived on the streets of Cairo. That’s how the established heart­ warming organization Banati came to being in 2009! We have talked to the well-known Pedia­trician and Influential Founder Hana Abou El Ghar to tell us more about Banati, the stigma of the street, and more!

Malta’s Embassy visit
Visit to the Banati Foundation on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child

On the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child, H.E. Mr. Roberto Pace, Ambassador, today visited the Banati Foundation, a civil society organisation that was established in 2010 to protect and support young girls at risk in the streets. Ambassador Pace met with the staff and girls who gave him a tour of the premises as well as shared some stories of girls who sought shelter at the Foundation.

Dreams of a Safe Home
How Banati Foundation
Fights Against Child Abuse in Egypt

Around 12 years ago, Heba*’s mother gave birth to her alone in the corner of a street in Cairo. Born into a family of complicated relationships and urfi’ (common law) marriage, the young child was abused, neglected and traumatized, leading her to seek the comfort of home elsewhere on the streets.For many children, having loving parents and a comfortable home is considered an unattainable dream.

Egypt's MAAT
Or Contemporary Art reaches out to children of Banati Foundation

MAAT for Contemporary Art (Cairo Contemporary Dance Center) has released a video on YouTube documenting its most recent dance workshop held with the children of the Banati Foundation. The workshop, which is part of MAAT's oureach programme, was completed on 28 December 2020 with a small presentation held at the Banati premises. The video has been released on the MAAT YouTube channel on 3 January 2021.

Interview with Dr. Hanaa Aboulghar
Founder of Banati Foundation for Girls in Street Situations

Hanna Aboulghar’s childhood dream was to become a pediatrician. After graduating from medical school, she established her own practice and has been passionate about treating children since. Her passion to help children grew after she came across an article in a newspaper about a child living in the street who sought warmth under a truck, to end tragically under its wheels.

Mashrou El Saada & Banati Foundation Collaborate
To Help Young Girls At Risk

To unleash the potential in undeveloped and underdeveloped areas, Mashrou El Saada, used colors to reach and revive every undeveloped area in Egypt! And this time they decided to target Banati Foundation to paint the foundation’s permanent shelter in 6th of October, and to spread happiness among young girls at risk.I have talked about Banati Foundation before and how amazing the work they do for the young girls.

At Cairo
Opera House

‘Dreaming of Tomorrow’ is the latest exhibition from the Banati Foundation and a photographic fundraiser will take place this Thursday evening at the Cairo Opera House in Hall 9. Photos taken by the Banati girls will be displayed for sale to raise funds in support of the Foundation who works with homeless children in Haram.

The story of the Dress
To be performed August 6

CAIRO - 6 August 2017: 'The story of the Dress' will be presented on Sunday, August 6, at 7:00 p.m. in Bussy, a place for performing arts projects. 'The story of the Dress' is the outcome of movement and girl’s storytelling workshops performed by girls from Banati Foundation. The performance is produced by Banati Foundation in partnership with Drosos Foundation.

A Child's Drawing
Made in a workshop for street children

Appears to depict a scene in a police station.
Al Arabiya News is marking International Women's Day, and the 20th anniversary of the beijing Declaration on gender equality.He Take a Look at a Cairo Charity that Helps street Children, Many of whom are abused girls.