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Throughout Banati’s journey, the support of our partners, supporters and individual donors has been the key factor that kept us protecting and serving the children in street situations. Without their generous contribution, Banati would have never been able to sustain its operations and offer its services to its target group. To our donors, and to anyone helping and supporting Banati, we extend our sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude. Together, we have achieved years of success, and, together, we will continue working to bring back safety, comfort, hope and happiness to our children.

Partnerships and donors:

All along Banati’s journey, The Ministry of Social Solidarity has been Banati’s main supporter, believing in Banati’s major contribution to the cause. Cooridinating all ressources for Banati’s on ground projects’ implementation, sharing expiriences, data and needed channels, the Ministry has been one of the major factors in Banati’s success and an important componant of Banati’s image today.

Sawiris Foundation for Social Development

is one of the impactful grant-making foundations in social development in Egypt. Sawiris Foundation works on the most-pressing developmental causes in Egypt such as health, education, professional and vocational trainings as well as scholarships and micro-projects funding. Throughout Banati’s 10 years of service, Sawiris has been one of the main donors supporting Banati by funding different projects that aim at protecting the children in street situations through Banati’s shelters, and providing them with safe, healthy and quality environment to live, grow and dream of a better future.


is one of Egypt’s leading private sector Banks, which participated in Intesa Sanpaolo group since 2007. Alex Bank takes a huge part in social development in Egypt through a strong CSR department that works with civil society organizations on different national issues. Alex Bank supports children in street situations through the “Applying Quality Standards and Protection for Homeless Children at Banati’s Shelters and Reception Center” project that is currently being implemented.


Drosos Foundation is committed to enabling disadvantaged people to live a life of dignity. Together with partner organisations, it develops and supports projects that have a direct bearing on the effective and sustainable improvement of living conditions, and seeks, wherever it is involved, a long-term impact. Drosos funds “Sawaseya” project in Banati, which helps children at risk’s reintegration into society through vocational and rehabilitative trainings that work on creating potential income generating projects and gaining self-confidence and social skills

Samusocial Internatinal Egypte

is a French non-governmental organization registered in Egypt and works with children in street situations. Through two Mobile Units, Samusocial reaches out to underprivileged children and provides them with medical help and care needed. Samusocial provides Banati with the following services: frequent medical check-ups and follow-ups for the girls and young mothers in Banati, occasional medical trainings for Banati’s staff members and financial support in maintaining Banati’s operations in the Reception Center.

CIB Foundation

The partnership between Banati Foundation and the Commercial International Bank Foundation continued to implement the project “Heal a Child, Change the World” until 2022. The project aims to support the physical and psychological health of children in danger. This is through providing the Foundation’s clinic with the necessary medical tools to deal with children’s health conditions. In addition to providing the appropriate medical intervention for each case, whether internally through the institution's doctors or in outpatient clinics and hospitals. The project contributed to covering the physical health needs of children, including examinations, tests, x-rays, operations and medicines. In addition to the physical aspect, the project strengthened the psychological intervention in the institution, as it relied on a rehabilitative approach that allows children to be supported psychologically through art and activity.

Rakhawi Institute for Training and Research

Within the framework of the project "Heal a Child...Change the World", a partnership with Rakhawy Foundation was established to implement a training program "Rehabilitation of Children and Adults Using Arts". Art therapy methodologies were applied with the participation of both psychologists and children, who used different tools of expression to deal with their insecurities like puppet theatre, storytelling, sociodrama, body expressions, songs, pantomime and other creative tools of art therapy. In addition to the EMDR and DBT sessions as treatment methods offered to Banati’s patients.


In cooperation with Sawiris Foundation and AlexBank, Carrefour Egypt was contracted to provide Banati with part of the public donations. Two months of donations were allocated in Carrefour branches to support education at Banati. The project that is being implemented has been chosen to combine meeting the needs of Banati’s school for more places and increasing safe spaces for children that do not neglect public health on one hand and environmental considerations after the pandemic conditions on the other hand. The donation grant was used to establish three outdoor spaces, which are the open classrooms in the foundation, and which are used for educational and developmental purposes.


proceeding in the direction of supporting the foundation's new education system, Henkel has donated a grant to equip the educational spaces with the equipment and tools needed by the educational team to implement educational interventions with children in the best possible way through introducing the digital element into the educational process.

one of the biggest and most prestigious accounting and consulting firms in Egypt, is Banati’s regular auditor that helps Banati Foundation with quality audits, financial analysis and reliable reports on a non-lucrative basis.

Egyptian food bank

One of Banati's most significant partners, the Egyptian Food Bank, is an NGO that was established in 2016 and the non-governmental organization Egyptian Food Bank carries out an array of initiatives centered around awareness-raising, food distribution, and development to combat hunger in Egypt in a sustainable way. The non-profit organization also hopes to increase public awareness of the fight against food waste by taking these steps and with which we have maintained a partnership for over a decade. Banati Foundation and the Egyptian Food Bank both aim to promote community development, end hunger, shield kids from the streets, and raise awareness of the community.

Protection for contracting and design "PSC"

PSC is a prominent industrial building business in Egypt, and according to the Egyptian Union of Construction Contractors' classification, PSC is a category A (first class) company with departments including Civil, Architecture, Electromechanical, Industrial Floors, Ready Mix Plants, Construction Chemical Plants, and Paints & Coating Plants. Despite the Foundation's different field of work, it supports development issues and is concerned with reducing the risks that surround children in street conditions. Therefore, it supports Banati Foundation and is one of its main partners.


It is the leading company in the field of installment sales for a variety of products, from household and electrical appliances to vehicles transporting agricultural equipment. The company is also the main distributor of Egyptian local industries. Sadko is keen on fruitful relations and believes that it is part of society, so it aims to serve Egyptian families and homes at all levels and categories in different cities and gatherings to make their lives easier and more joyful. Therefore, Sadko Group supports Banati Foundation, believing in the importance of family stability.

Shorouq Misr

Shorouq Misr Association is one of the important associations in the field of development, which specializes in economic empowerment through microloans to finance projects for low-income people to reduce the financial burden of the family, and it is one of the supporters of Banati Foundation in its journey and its goal of supporting and forming a stable and safe family from the risk of disintegration as a result of financial burdens.

Grand lab

It is one of the laboratories in Egypt and the Middle East that works with the system of major specialized laboratories and employs a group of doctors, consultants, and technicians at the highest level of efficiency and experience from all universities, institutes, and specialized research centers, as well as the use of the latest automated laboratory devices and scientific techniques. It provides diagnostic laboratory services and pathological tests to the medical communities, where the entire series of traditional and non-traditional medical tests is covered, and supports Banati Foundation, believing in the importance of health care that must be provided to children with high quality.