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Outreach Program

It's also named as; The Mobile Unit, that helps with the early detection of vulnerabilities as it helps in building trust with children at risk and in street situations to improve their lives. It is the first point of contact, and it helps in the integration of the children with their families before taking the street as their residence as such children face all kinds of neglect, exploitation, abuse and harassment.

Through the Mobile Unit, Banati’s social workers and psychologists provide children with all the basic services such as health and medical services, food, clothes, and psychological and social support. As the mobile unit consists of a doctor, social worker and others who are concerned with children without residence .

Thus, strengthening the relationship between the Foundation and children and increasing trust and confidence towards the Foundation. This, consequently, contributes to the process of their reintegration and street life abandonment. Therefore, Banati pays specific attention to this program, believing in its on-the-ground impact.

Reception Center:

The Reception Center is a daily center that helps in early detection and early intervention by hosting children and young mothers on daily visits. During this short time, the children are exposed to psychological and social reconditioning through creative play and positive nurturing that encourages them to return to the center and gradually leave behind the street life. The center offers healthy and nutritious meals, clothes, and a place to rest and/or sleep in addition to vocational workshops.

Moreover, we believe that the best place for the child is their home. The Reception Center, therefore, has a family reintegration unit that works with the family and the child to try to strengthen the relationship and help to reunite them together.

The family integration of children happens through the reception center. As such working with the family and the child altogether in order to create a space of friendship and reunion between them. The center also provides a service for mothers, where they are trained on small projects, for family integration, economic empowerment and maintaining basic livelihoods.

Banati's Residence : Providing Protection and Rehabilitation

Banati's Residence : Providing Protection and Rehabilitation Banati's Residence offer protection and rehabilitation for children at risk or in street situations. Operating through two facilities, Banati provides a permanent residence situated on the 6th of October in Haram city, along with a temporary residence  in Imbaba. Through its two Residence Banati provides permanent accommodation for children ages 7-18, food, clothes and medical care. Assuring a maximum protective environment for resident girls.

The Temporary residence :

At the Banati Foundation's Temporary residence in Imbaba, children with critical needs receive intensive care and protection. Upon admission, each child receives a customized rehabilitation plan and access to a range of essential services, including education, physical activities, psychological support, training, and recreational activities. As their well-being improves, they may transition to the Permanent residence in October. Alternatively, if it's feasible and safe, efforts are made to reintegrate them into their family. With a typical capacity of 6 to 12 children, the Imbaba residence offers personalized attention and care for each child.

The Permanent Residence:

residence in October offers a stable and permanent residence for children, particularly catering to younger ones who require extended care, rehabilitation, and integration. With a capacity to accommodate up to 218 children, this facility provides a nurturing environment where children can blossom and thrive. At the Permanent Residence, children are provided with essential services including comfortable sleeping arrangements in shared accommodations, nutritious meals served three times daily, and access to basic amenities. A dedicated team comprising psychologists, case managers, and schoolteachers work collaboratively to support the children's holistic development. Additionally, the Activities Department organizes a variety of productive and vocational workshops aimed at furthering the rehabilitation process and fostering valuable skills in the children